Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tales from cubs' camp in /near Glastonbury day 2

day 2 (Monday) Glastonbury Tor

after feeding the cubs - off they went to feed the animals!It's easy to forget some of them (city boys!) haven't had this type of close contact with animals  when it's second nature for me. They had great fun being close up to hens, pigs and piglets (and this evening they were asking to help with this again!)

This afternoon we hiked past the famous old trees, gog and magog 
Situated near the foot of Glastonbury Tor Hill, stand two ancient oak trees which popular folklore hold to be over 2,000 years old. The two immense and beautifully gnarled trees (named Gog and Magog) were once part of an avenue of oaks that led up to Glastonbury Tor (and, according to some sources, beyond to King Arthur’s castle in South Cadbury).

what is sad is that one of these magnificent trees was recently pronounced dead.. and there are signs that the 2nd tree in part is dying too. coming from nottingham I know how much is valued in the tales of our old tree The Major Oak and the conservation that has been undertaken around it.

.......and on up to Glastonbury Tor. 
St Michael's Tower 

It was busy but great at the top inside the tower, showing the history of the place. Part of the plague states

Richard whiting, last abbot, was hanged on the tor in 1539, when the dissolation of the monasteries was taking  place. 
The beautiful view from the top of the Tor across the counties gives a far different tale to some of its sad past!

(posted by the resident house-elf who is still in hot and sticky London!)

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