Tuesday, August 31, 2010

around My Patch, South Bank

Today on the way back from the office I went down the south bank of the themes. Theres a great smoothy bar ( in a trailer) I like. So with it being nice off I went. It's still very strange even almost a year on waking to the sound of Big Ben walking through Parliament Square seeing those who govern the country, those who I've only seen through the papers or TV.  

So parliament isn't really part of my Patch ( it's the wrong side of the river) but what happens there has a ripple effect to those in my patch. 

Some of those I know work there in different ways from MP to cleaner. Without one the other could not do what they do.

The decisions that are made here have lasting effect on the community that stands within the sound of the  bell of Big Ben

To be able to walk here an pray for those in leadership, that they may rule and vote not for their own gain or self interest but that they will stand for justice and peace that they will have the courage to make the difficult decisions and stand by them.

we are told to pray for our leaders what a reminder here in our patch each time the chimes ring.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Potter's Hand

Transition - II Originally uploaded by @k@sh

Potter hand I typed into the search engine today after I looked at the lectionary readings for this coming sunday. I've preached this passage before A bit like wesley having favourite passages I think we all do to preach from this is one oh mine.

I found this short film The Potter it's about 7 mins long and had me mesmerised, it's a animation but don't let that put you off.

They say a picture paints a thousand words... this little film really does that for me. As the little girl learns how to be a potter spinning a small beaker time after time it goes wrong. But she never gave up and put in the time and the effort. and it cost her.. 

one thing this said to me was how today we want everything now... fast food, Tv on demand, we're impatient...

That impatience coming through in our walk with God... yet something though may be good for us to have now without learning how to use the gifts and talents slowly could end up leading us into trouble. Thinking we can do this alone...

at the end of the movie the creature teaching the girl breathes onto a lump of clay it starts to come to life..

only when she follows the lead and puts her hand in his does she really come to life and begins to do the things that he does....

mentoring is a buzz word coming alongside another not doing it for them but encouraging them into who they really are and can be... That's not just an important thing for my patch but for all the place that God has called us to...

Not sure yet if I will play it in the service  maybe...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Daily shoot - more than a bit of fun

for those who don't know the daily shoot is daily picture challenge.. each day a new one is published (here). My Photo blog 365-mypatch I try to take a photo where possible that reflects my patch.

Eyes of Faith photo challenge

Eyes of Faith photo challengeThis photo shoot challenge was started by Lorna and eija. Lorna wanted to start a photo-a-day blog and that idea evolved into challenging others to find God’s Kingdom through their lenses.

Today's challenge was 

As I took this outside where I live I started thinking about how we here in the uk and many other places in the west have so easy access to fresh clean drinking water. And good sanitation. 

There has been an advert on tv here this week by water Aid, that uses a kids song in such away that it hits home.. the words are a bit unpleasant the impact is much more so.

4,000 children die, every day

That’s three children every minute of every day. They die because they don’t have proper toilets, so many have to defecate wherever they can. Faeces contaminates everything they touch, eat and drink, causing deadly diarrhoea diseases.

It's not our problem, is it .... What struck me is that it is.. there are many in my patch who's families aren't  in the west but live in villages or camps or other places where this is a constant fear, 

Thursday, August 26, 2010


That is the theme for Sunday

This hangs in the lady chapel of one of the anglican church every morning I sit and look at it. Until I came here last year I hadn't seen the image... I love it the warmth of the colours the sharing only one cup or bowl is present.  
My dissertation last year was based on Jesus meals with sinner: table fellowship in the 21st century. 

the introduction to the paper is this 

There has been a rapid decline in the use of the family meal table throughout the latter half of the twentieth century and into the first decade of the twenty-first century. In May 2005, after a series of different contributory factors
had been highlighted by the British government as causing the increase in the ‘yob Culture’ found within society, the disappearance of the traditional family meal become the main focus.  The 2004 National Family Mealtime Survey, found that only
20% of those asked sat down to eat together just once a week or less. The poll, by parenting organization, Raising Kids, found that children often had meals alone in their bedrooms while watching TV or playing computer games. Of those who did eat together, TV was the preferred dinner guest, with 75% eating while watching it[1]
Thus, as part of the Queen’s speech, her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II stated ‘My Government is committed to creating safe and secure communities, and fostering a culture of respect.[2] This was attempted, in part, by the tackling of the issue of the family meal, along with other new initiatives that were introduced. 

It's a interesting place to begin that to tackle the difficulties in family and community the use of the meal table was one of the places that organisations began to look at. 
I wonder what would be the impact if the community of believers began to eat together regually opening there table to the community, that all may come, 
it would be a lot of work, but to have the service based on a meal together even once a month now theres a challenge.

around the meal table many things take place the building of friendship,  of meeting. within the gospels context it is a place  is a place of welcome forgiveness, hope, restoration, Repentance, salvation and justice of acceptance.  The meal table is a place of an  ‘acted parable of God’s unconditional acceptance’[3].

[3] W.C.K. Poon, Superabundant Table Fellowship in the Kingdom:
The Feeding of the Five Thousand and the Meal Motif in Luke,’ The expository Times Vol 114 (2003), p. 227.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A very Big ouch too.....

Most people know that I really hate Medics and tests more than I hate those eight legged things that invade my bath or sink...

And I'm Not the best of patients either....

Last night was know exception to that...... As one of my colleagues put it 
 " I hear you  have been fighting with tarmac which is never a good idea :) "

I feel off my bike while waiting to cross the road " don't ask"

I've been so blessed here in my patch with people from all different backgrounds and christian traditions.. What never Stops to truly amaze me though is the heart of the church here.. That at 930 last night so many people we willing to come out and stay with me.. one sitting in A&E until 12:30am when I finally gave in to the fear and discharged myself... others who brought my bike home and others who rang or sms'd to offer to bring tea and sympathy ( or to make shaw i stayed off my foot) others who though they are not in the area have sent text messages asking how i'm doing. 

It's a reflection of what the church does at its best reaching out taking, care of... it's not the first time I've been on the receiving end of this heart when I moved here I was suffering with fever and had many offers of soups and meals and shopping to be done for me.. at the time by strangers who now have become so wonderful friends.

the Bible speaks of entertaining angels unaware in this week lectionary ( Hebrews 13) and NO I'm no angel... and it's not a closed heart each winter the churches together get involved with the Robes Project.. providing shelter and a hot meal for homeless in south london over the winter months in the church 

Waiting at St Toms another  A&E to add to the list of ones I visited....

No real harm done though a bit of bruised pride a cut up sox  and sore foot :)

again a real big thank you to all those who gave a hand last night.....

Bin Radiers

On the way home yesterday from Lunch and Theatre with a friend one of our resident furry critters was tasting the delicacies of the park bin....

even furry critters like the left overs from the local coffee shop

It's amazing the way these neighbours have adapted to life with humans, the scaffolding that had been around the block of flats had provided a great playground for these furry critters.

They live side by side and adapt, the sad part of that is so often we as humans destroy the natural living spaces, to so a degree that many are struggling to survive.  Maybe there's a lesson to learn from these little critters in my patch  about sharing environments and resources 

I'm sure there are many more critters living in this urban forest than I've seen yet.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More strange happenings

Have you every stopped to look at what else lives in your patch... The furry or feathered critters who come out when we go home..

As I drew the curtains last night looking out the window a strange shadows were playing on the grass below..

Now I know it was way to late for the mischievous squirrels

Instead this time was a young urban fox....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

iona trip day 5 /update

Iona Abbey 

As promised the details of the Pilgrimage I've updated. But as it was a long post you can find it here as a separate page or by following the link at the top of the page


Came home from church today just sat down when something caught my eye out the window now if I was on the 1st floor that wouldn't be too much of a surprise, but I'm on the 5th floor... So I grabbed my phone and out on the balcony found......

A bunch Balloons floating past 

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have a feeling it's gonna take a while to catch up with some of the events of last week. so bear with me Though if you would like a peek at some of the photos from last week I've already updated the photo challenges from last week over at 365-my-patch.

Thank you

So first a BIG Thank you to my non-resident house elf for standing in this week again...

it's great to have friends who are willing to step in and to put themselves out to help get things done not just for My Patch but also for Many other things.

One of the things about the wild geese we heard about in Iona is that by travelling together they get further fly longer...

that's true for all of us...

Friday, August 20, 2010

travels to ... oops FROM iona ... pilgrimage back to my patch

went to the abbey at 8:15 am, and then started our L-O-N-G journey back to the capital. The connections are a bit tight for us, so here's praying for the favour of God as we pilgrims make our way back to my patch and home.

so far so good ...
first connection made ok

Edited by house-elf to add

and second
and third

now in Glasgow. Next stop London Euston!

Over and out from the house-elf, who is now taking a well-earned (at least in her opinion) sabbatical!

Travels to Iona / 6

last full day here how quickly it has gone

Tonight we celebrated Communion walking down to the abbey there was the most amazing sunset.. There hasn't been one for the last couple of days as it had been over cast but tonight truly made up for that

The service was great the Abbey by night is the Abbey at it's best.....

Along the centre of the main walk up to the alter between the Choir stalls was a table that many were able to sit around( no pics of that)

 but the Abbey by candlelight is when its at its very best 

     Candles at the side of the alter      
Choir Stalls

A simple but wonderful time

Pray we make the connections, (ferries, trains etc) all the way back to London tomorrow ...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

travels to iona day 5

on pilgrimage tour Tuesday ...

There are around 250 people living on the island of iona, which is the size of my patch (the parish of North Lambeth)  but with about half a percent of the population (the 2001 census shows there were 45,981 people living in My Patch!!!)

meeting up at St Michael's Cross ready for the pilgrimage 

The path we trod today here on pilgrimage on iona took us past

St Martins cross
Cross Road
Machair Common
St Columba's Bay
Loch Staonaig
High Point
Hermit Cell
Oran's Chapel

(more on each place to come)

It was a bit overcast ... and there was no mobile phone signal the whole day

(so that's why this post is so late, whines the resident house-elf posting the update at well past her bedtime in Finland!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

travels to iona day 4

When we (finally!) got here on Saturday we were told a story about the wildgeese of iona. Apparently wildgeese only ever stop off at iona for a few days, a few days of respite. I can relate to that, as I guess can the thousands of other visitors who come here to what is reportedly the first Christian shrine in the United Kingdom. (hope I got that right)

The story of the wildgeese returning year after year to rest on their long journey continued to speak to me today.

Wild Goose Publications is the name of the publishing house of the Iona Community, which is "established in the Celtic Christian tradition of St Columba", and produces books, CDs etc.

("Now I know why they chose that name" says the little house-elf who wrote this post for My Patch! )

Monday, August 16, 2010

travels to iona day 3

sheep &
shooting stars

that's been the day and I've run out of ways of saying it with an S

swimming in the sea was (if the water had been warm - which it was NOT!) tropical crystal clear

After supper a walk to the north beach to watch the sunset.

The air was still. Listening to Majestet on my ipod (Majesty in Swedish) reflected the place and time so much! Just as I was leaving a lady( who was staying in the centre with us ) came to say they had been watching something in the water. That something turned out to be FOUR BASKING SHARKS. Just wish I had had a better lens on my camera! But I do have the memory :)

the black speck in the water is the sharks fin in the background is the island called the Dutchman's hat

On the way back the milky way was out .. and as if this evening hadn't been amazing enough .. to top it all off I saw a shooting star. If I didn't know better I'd say that God was showing off today!

(Posted by the non-resident house elf who is green with envy!)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

travels to iona 1 & 2 update

two bus rides,
two long train journeys,
two boat trips,
two short walks
oh and a night in a hostel in Oban ...  we finally arrived in Iona and the most amazinly views!

before we left we bought salmon sandwiches from the the shop just to the right of scotland in the banner was amazing if your ever in Oban its the place for lunch. though you may get asked to put crabs back into there cases as they try to escape ( can't fault them for trying when there friends are in fancy dress)

Coming towards Iona from Mull the Abbey is in the centre 

Stepping onto the island toay was a dream come true. The reality of really being here is really something for me! When chatting on the way here with a friend I realised what I want from the week away. I want to let my soul catch up with my body. That's what they say in Africa after a long journey (like ours!). Today, sitting in the quiet of the abbey, I started to understand that for myself ...

(posted by the non-resident house elf who also wants to pilgrimage to iona someday!)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Travels to Iona 2

Arrived on the island

no internet and limited range for mobile phones ...so there will be  intermittant reports

(posted by the no longer resident house-elf, who is back home in sunny Finland!)

travels to iona 1

This is the house-elf reporting for duty again .... no news from Iona yet. My patch hasn't quite arrived there yet. It IS a long way from London.

My patch was last spotted coming into Oban quite late last night. Stunned by the beautiful scenery and frustrated that she couldn't stop the train to take some photographs!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


My patch on the move....

Tomorrow 16 people of mixed ages from the patch of North lambeth Parish and Circuit are off to Iona for a week..

Iona has been a place which I have always wanted to visit...

If you don't Know anything about the place or the community there then have a look at their site

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How High Can You ...? pt 2: the answer

How high can you get a pile of books 

before they fall over?....  That was the question I was asking when working on my essay and feeling like i was being buried under books.....well i just found out :)

Had to think about the shot in the library in Ghostbusters with this....... and yes they were wobbly 

all fall down :)

back in the box till the essay is sent off.. all the sticky tabs have to be removed from the college books and sent back. Not quite celebrating yet as a friend keeps reminding me it's not finished till it's handed in to the marker and it becomes their problem!

Not sure how good the paper is.. whether it will meet the grade.. It's been a long hard fight to write the paper ... the first one I've done as a part time Post Grad student ( me doing a post grad course still seems a dream!) I guess whatever happens with the paper. I've learnt a lot....

the paper title "what have the means of grace got to do with the mission of God?"

Reading wesley's means of grace sermon, thinking about that over the past few weeks one thing I want more than ever is that deeper relationship with God... and to be used by Him to open to those in my patch and see His grace already at work in their lives, without them knowing it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Around My Patch, Docks!!

I've been stuck at my desk for most of the day today escaping twice for parish prayers and for a walk to take my daily shoot photo.. I decided to walk along part of the Albert Embankment that runs just behind where I live... The tide was in and you could smell the salt in the air...

When I first moved here there was a strange structure being built and at the beginning of the summer was there for all to see..

It was the site of the old docks that supplied access to the themes for a pottery firm... you can just see the old building in the back left of the shot.

The dock is the only one left at that is down to lost paperwork years ago.. at low tied you can still see where some of the other inland docks where along the bank...

whats interesting for me is the history of the dock and on one wall you can still see the remains of a painted sign reading E.W.S which was the emergency water supply and was painted there during world war 2

Monday, August 09, 2010

How High Can You ...

get a pile of books?

Today my patch hasn't been all that big. In fact it's been my dinning table I'm still trying to write a essay for my postgrad course. And  even my little friend Huey has gone back home ( my minister's dog) 

what I'm thankful for though are birds, views and facebook

The question in the title of the post well that where my mind wandered to  ... I wonder how high will the pile of books that  I'm using get before they fall over ... if they weren't needed and open on pages I need I'd probably have tried already! Maybe once the essay's over i'll try it and post :) watch this space ...

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Around My Patch, Lambeth Mission & St Mary's (LMSM)


Our website says this about the fellowship that meets at LMS

I love that  "and others" :)

For the almost the past year this has been home and work. The welcome that I received when I came was amazing. Today Visitors for the first time as they left said how they had felt so welcome it's great when you here that kind of feed back. It's the little things that count more than the big. The lady who does the tea and coffee today came to where I was sat to say she had put a Black Coffee on the side for me. It makes you feel wanted and special when those little things are remembered ( all our teas and coffee are ready made and brought into the back of the main hall ready and waiting for the end of the service, it's a real blessing to have her with us to)

The church  has a long and rich history 

There has been a Methodist presence in Lambeth since the time of John Wesley when he preached at Kennington Common. A short distance from the site of LMSM. The common now the site of kenington park has had a interesting history too

Kennington Park was first opened in 1854 and lies between Kennington Park Road and St Agnes Place. It had previously been called 'Kennington Common', and until 1800 was the site of public executions as well as being the South London 'speakers corner'. Methodist founders George Whitefield and John Wesley are some of the illustrious orators to speak at the Common and are reputed to have attracted a crowd of 30,000.

The site of public executions.. the place where Whitefield and  Wesley preached putting the old self to death and walking in the new life the Christ has for us... fitting perhaps 

The church was known in later times as the IDEAL when Thomas Tiplady, who was also a Hymn writer and wrote "Above the hills of time the cross is gleaming."  used the new medium of Film to put across the gospel message. 
The Ideal

The church was hit in 1945 by a V2 a plaque inside the church   remembers this  and rebuilt in 1950.

The architect for the rebuilding was Alec Gavin, and Tiplady then  commissioned Bainbridge Copnall to provide a monumental sculpture for the front.

officially Called the Word... It's more commonly called the Lambeth Street preacher

What as interesting for me was that when I started at the church I had the idea of starting a group fro the teenagers using movies as the starting point for a bible study or discussion group I had no idea of the background and history of the church. I'm sure rev Tiplady would approve of 3-18 teenagers turning up to the church flat on a friday night. 

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Red Sky at Night

I never expected to ever be living in London From my living room window you can see the the BT Tower ( for those slightly older the Postoffice Tower)

It's been in and out of view all day with the rain and cloud but this is what greeted me just a few moments ago 

You can just see the Tower in the back ground 

Alone in the wild/ alone in community

I recently downloaded off itunes a series that I  missed it was a three parter called alone in the wild by channel four.

It was a remarkable journey that Ed goes on. two hugh battles during the filming that come through for me were his fear of a bear attack, the second struggle and the one that really affected him was the battle against loneliness. A battle that finally caused him after 50 days to call in and ask to be picked up. he makes this statment durring the film 

'we are social animals i'm not sure we are able to survive alone ( in the wild) Brackets mine'
Isolation, solitude, peace, space are often things that we all crave for, yet at the same time something that carries  fear  and depression with it

Earlier this year I spent a time where I chose limit the time i sent with any out side 'Noise' living alone I tend to have either the TV or radio on to just give some background noise. never really paying attention to it. so I decided on limiting it to two hours tv/radio week for a month leading up to going away. It was tough, especially in the first few days. The worst part of it was the new the not knowing what was taking place. And year I missed some major news stories. And felt very isolated. 

While away i went on a silent retreat in the middle of know where  not toys at all even my watch went... no mobile, ipod, mac.. Time felt very different. It was a time of prayer and just listening. 

I time of reflection and recharging the batteries. The time of solitude for me was energising. That time at least.

There are time when the house becomes almost like a cage and is so quiet. just longing for another to talk to is as Ed found such a strong emotional pull.
It has been sad listening to the stories on another series Heir hunters about those who died leaving No known will, that in some cases it has been two or even three before anyone noticed that they had died. Ouch,

Who is my neighbour, would I notice if I hadn't seen someone for days. would they notice if they hadn't seen me...

Thats one thing I really like about the Wednesday morning group and for that matter the morning prayers  in the parish. That someone always asks. I was away on camp and one lady hadn't realised and asked where I was. she made a point of coming and telling me that when I got back. Nosey, not at all but reall concern. 

In July this year  a daily British newspaper ran this headline

The article goes on to say that this isn't just something that effect the elderly but all ages and that 

Relationships provide a level of protection across all ages. ‘We take relationships for granted as humans – we’re like fish that don’t notice the water. That constant interaction is not only beneficial psychologically but directly to our physical health.’

I took this picture in India in 2006 speaks to me of loneliness 

Where are those in My Patch that are finding life lonely. Those who come home from work and see no one else for the rest of the day or weekend, those who only get out to go the the post office or shop...  or don't get out at all... do we have time for those who talk to us in the line waiting to be served who just want to hear another voice that was just what Ed longed for in the film. 

One of the great things that a friend does is each morning miss calls me I ring back. 

Loneliness Kills, become a loneliness killer befriend someone 

Friday, August 06, 2010

Around My Patch, Any time you're Lambeth way

Any evening, any day
You'll find us all
Doin' the Lambeth Walk

I'm not much of a dancer ( two left feet ) 

Every day though I walk down lambeth walk.  Lambeth walk was made famous by the 1930's show Me and my Girl and this one song doin the lambeth walk 

The song is known world wide some friend were telling me not to long ago that when the checkpoint were still in place in spain they were pulled over in the car. when they were asked by the guard where they were from and said london he asked them do do the lambeth walk so they did over the border. 

The walk has changed over the years theres a great site that shows old lambeth walk and some of the history of the place. (see here )

I have to admit when I realised where I was living I rang my dad to tell him. Our family has a link to London through his side of the family. My great grand dad was a fishmonger on the old roman road.


 flats at the top of lambeth walk 

Lambeth walk day nursery 

I'm gradually learning the rich history of my new patch there's something really important about knowing a place