Monday, October 31, 2011

the end of october

I don't want to get into the rights and wrongs of halloween in this post there's plenty of other places where that is and has taken place.. 

This year is the first time in many years that my doors been knocked on and the bell rang and standing there in costume are a couple of kids. it's happened a few time now tonight. Until this year I've lived in a flat or been in college so have missed this side of things.  What has been so good is seeing the community side of things the small groups of mums (and the odd dad looking a bit out of place) standing chatting to each other at the gate  but with eyes guarding their young as they press the bell and wait for the candy... it's not the wild packs of children banging on doors demanding trick or treat some tend to describe. Every knock on the door and questions trick or treat has come politely.. and in the case of a couple of very little ones I'm not sure what they would do if trick was the choice requested...

There was a little catch though tonight every one who came to my door also got a invite postcard to our monthly kids club :) 

Last night we did a bright and light party. A alternative to halloween we spent much of the evening in the dark playing games in a spotlight and with glows-ticks and balloons, had a feast and story about living lives full of colour in Jesus.and decorating candles by melting old wax crayons..

there was also much laughter with the apple bobbing 

 I don't know about the youngsters but i was ready for a cuppa and bed when I got home...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


When I started my patch I wasn't really expecting 18 months or so later to still be still posting it was started mainly for portfolio I needed to do and a journal wasn't really my thing.. I was semi talked into a blog instead... well this week my patch broke the 5000 views marks :) 

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Friday, October 21, 2011

easter Kind of way

Last sunday was ASK! our monthly kids club and Introduced the children and leaders to the Holy Family. It was great to see everyone get involved and begin to wonder in wonder time.  as we were getting ready to get out the parachute for the last 5 mins I turned round to see this. one of the leaders listening as one of the youngest children retold the story in her words and the older ones joined in....

Friday, October 14, 2011

Time fly's having fun fruit fly's love bananas

Ok that's a silly title for a post but time has flown by this past weekend marked two months since I moved up to Leicester.
 I think I'm finally working out where things are.

Things I now know
  1. Its easier to cycle to the supermarket ( almost wrote prisma that will make my finish friends smile) than catch two buses one in the oppersite direction and a long walk, it takes 10-15 mins to cycle though the hill on the way back is a killer :p. 
  2. You need money for the bus - got very use to having my oyster card. 
  3. Don't eat supper then try to get up the hill to church in 10mins this has very yucky results.
  4. Don't run down the stairs to answer the phone and forget to duck through the arch way at the bottom this leads to missing the phone call and a sore head :)
  5. check the bin men have been before you bring the bin back in two more weeks before it's emptied is a long time...
last week saw the a trip to Leicester Cathedral There are time when your name finishing with the second letter of the english alphabet is helpful. As I sat on the front row scary it was lovely though to see so many new friends from my church come to celebrate too the sad thing on occasions like this is there is little time to spend time with everyone. It was nice to see a friend from london and via cliff college STF was there too....

heres the article from the Diocese website

Called Together

last updated on: 10th Oct 2011
Called Together
At Leicester Cathedral on Saturday 8th October and whole range of Clergy and Laity came together celebrate Lay Ministry at this years 'Called Together' service.
This service, the fifth of its kind in the Diocese, seeks to bring together the different authorised lay ministries from all across the Diocese and was very well attended.
Those welcomed this year:
Our first Pioneer Ministers, David Boyce, Keith Ellis, Judy Ellis and Janet King.
YP4L workers Caroline Brown, Gillian Gamble, Dan Gardiner, Katy Harris, Ali Goodman, Jayne Lewis, Mads Morgan and Ali Simpson.
Readers, Kathryn Noble and Norma Morris-Chapman.
Pastoral Assistants Edna Curtis and Joan Hawkins.
Pastoral Assistants in Training, Adrienne Saunders, Audrey Hutchin, Marion Porter, Jenny Bickley, Rosemary Griffiths, Alison White, Patricia Wood, Rosalind Barney, Chris Sedman.
Evangelist in Training, Phil Brenner.
Readers re-licensed in a new parish, Jenny Bacon and Elaine Browne.
and yeah thats me in the pink hoodie  :)
As youth workers the sign of our office was (drum roll) hoodies