Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top moments of 2011

A friend posted on her blog her top moments of 2011(here) then sent out a tweet to challenge to do the same and STF posted her 11 for 11 (here)...

So my moments for 2011 Hmmm it's been a really hard year for MyPatch in a lot of ways.. but lets see how far we get.....

1.  Hesse (link) with a friend is always good enjoy these trip with this friend a lot...

2.  Trip though the Finnish Archipelago over night with STF and had breakfast on the boat looking out over the harbour in Sweden. playing wii bowling in the children deck very funny oh and Playing M&M poker

3. Getting a second merit for a MA assignment which meant I could go on to the full MA at Cliff College. Thanks due here to STF and My/Our friend and mentor Rev Dr P Meadows. Who believed and encouraged.

4.  Robes project... talking and serving the homeless who stayed one night a week with us in vauxhall over the winter months. For many there were good news stories of lives renewed starting jobs.and new homes.

5.  My New Home and New post in Leicester -

6. Bryan Adams in Concert at the O2 amazing night

7. Cub Camp - eating pizza in Akkalas car that had been smuggled back to camp by her and another leader so the other didn't find out...

8. Little women- Helping with the Lighting at the inner city players production.

9. Tea and home made scones on the patio in wonderful sun in Turku

10. Trip to Greenwich and the docklands museums picnic lunch band in Hyde Park on a hot sunny sunday afternoon Regents park too tea at the teahouse theatre

11. Street party in vauxhall for the royal wedding and wandering round London the night of the wedding chatting and taking in the atmosphere.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Advent 4

So we're almost at the end of the  journey to Bethlehem and so the ADVENTure is almost over but is it theres much more to the story more of the journey to take..  I'll be sad to leave the advent story behind I've enjoyed leading it and enjoyed seeing the different children engage with the different characters. Comments from other leaders about the wondering we did on the very first story of the Holy Family way back in October. Who went home and discussed it with there significant others.

But today we had the wise men bringing there gifts.. Each week there has been that little phrase that makes me smile todays was this 

"The wise men are always late, every year they're late, usually not arriving until January 6th. But we remember them anyway, because like us, they too on our their way to Bethlehem."  :).. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Meal

I used to love school dinners esp the sponge cake with pink icing on covered in custard. Today was christmas dinner at Hamilton Community College.

 Over the Last few weeks I've been working in the Key stage 3 base ( thats yr 7-8 (11-14's) or to the older readers 1st & 2nd yrs of secondary). Those who come to the base are in need of support in different ways through bad days or need help with social skills. The base is part of the Inclusion facilities at the school 
The faculty strongly believes in the College ethos, “Every child should achieve their very best and feel secure,” regardless of their individual needs.  The Learning and Life Skills Faculty is dedicated to improving the literacy and numeracy of targeted students, SA, SA+ and Statemented, providing nurture as appropriate and to share information on students with needs to all staff, especially strategies and targets to include in mainstream lessons wherever possible. 
Looking back many of those who come through the base when I was at school would have been excluded from education. That now is the last case Scenario each each child's situation is looked at individually. There are many reasons why there are struggles with certain lessons or how we handle situations... for some it's english is a second or even third language, others its difficult settling in to a new environment, a unsettled home life. And those worries and concerns come through in many different ways.

talking to one of the staff they use chocolate buttons instead of counters playing draughts with those who struggle with patients and frustration..not sure i would have the patients not to eat the counters :)..

but this was titled christmas meal.. and today classes for yr 7 finished a few minuets early as we all went down to the dinning hall and lined up for lunch. The dinner was worth the wait.
  It would give any restaurant a run for it's money  

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advent 3

Our favourite part of the Advent story is the changing of the flame. We don't put out the flame we change it.. I love that.. the words are  

Look. Do you see how the flame is in just one place now? It is right here. When I change the light, it will no longer be in just one place. You can’t see it after it spreads out all over the room, but it is there.
These words remind me of the opening verses of Johns gospel.. words that will be read at 9 lessons and carols around the world over these next few days.
      the Word present to God,
      God present to the Word.
   The Word was God,
      in readiness for God from day one.
 Everything was created through him;
      nothing—not one thing!—
      came into being without him.
   What came into existence was Life,
      and the Life was Light to live by.
   The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness; 

      the darkness couldn't put it out. 
The simpleness of that phrase, unpacks something much deeper and ties together the mystery of Christmas and Easter... 

One of the boys changing the light
At the end of our session we don't pack everything away but instead put it on the bench we use for our focal shelf. Why well this is so that there is opportunity for sharing with the wider body of the church.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Waking up the neighbours

          During the last song the little lights are mobile phone screens 

Well last nights trip to the O2 was fantastic.. And a amazing concert by Bryan Adams and Band It's not very often i no all the words or even recognise the words to songs ( thats if you can actually hear them, Hmmm think I'm getting old!!!) last night i did and came away with ringing ears and no voice from singing and shouting for 2.5hours, everything I do I do it for you, Summer of 69, 18 till I die, can't stop this thing we started and more...

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Last year year bryan adams was in Tampere I was in Turku Finland I thought about going but decided it would be crazy with the weather. Then a call from a friend here in london I know you wanted to go last year but couldn't  I've just got two tickets do you want one  for london.. So it's been a long wait but I'm just about to leave to go down to london for the night.

Music and Theatre are things that really refill me..

More later :)

Monday, December 05, 2011

Advent 2

The table was put away this week at the back of church the bench remained to become our focal shelf and out came the carpet. its not very big but was big enough for the four of us and the the story.. This was a new way of doing junior church for us. And though we cant do a full Godly play session in the time we have we can tell the story have a quiet wonder time and short very short time for reflection ( they normally want to draw ) before joining back with there adults as we break bread.

What was great this week was the retelling of the story of advent one that one of the children had heard twice now and as I put the tile out recounted what it was about..  So the journey continued from the prophets to Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem.

I think the best bit for all of us was changing the light more on that another time though...

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Christmas fete

This weekend was busy here with the christmas fete.. To see the church changed was truly remarkable and for it to be back to normal ready for sunday and the visit of The Bishop was even more so. The fete was fun. The youth ran a stall with some testing games like below( mouse maze) guess the bears birthday and little gifts for sale that the Kids and youth had made over the last few weeks..

then all back to normal for sunday