Monday, September 26, 2011

New Haunt

Fridays used to be spent at Sally's a short train ride from vauxhall to Putney and then wandering round the charity shops (often finding some great bargains) and then for coffee and chocolate taut. Some very happy memories there.

All change over the summer and now mondays are my day off and new things to find and do. I needed to go down to the bank ( thanks to a couple of checks from HMR&C :)) and being a nice day I went on the bike and found a new haunt :)  Finding the little cafe wasn't on the list of things to do today but I found it as I pulled over at the pavement as I spied a place to lock up the bike.

it's not Sallys I don't think anyone will ever be able to step into her shoes. But it was very friendly and welcoming.

Humberstone park cafe 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Postia Pappi Jaakobille

Letters to Father Jacob 

This I was given this film as a gift by a friend F when he came to stay in the summer. The poor guy was staying with me while I was packing. Every night F came back and had to fight his way to bed as I'd been putting stuff in his room while I packed. 

It's in Finish with subtitles 

It's a beautiful movie

It's the story of a old blind priest Fr Jacob and a pardoned murderer Laila who takes a job as his assistant, reading the letter asking for prayer and then writing Fr Jacobs response. On leaving prison there was nowhere else for her to go and now the secluded house becomes a new prison.while at the house she belives it was the priest who applied for her pardon and is bitter about it refusing to accept the help that she isn't one of the priest charity cases,  after some time she can not take it any more and plans to leave then one day the letters stop coming. Fr Jacobs life is shaken to its core Physically fragile before, now he is spiritually at his breaking point and Leila finds she cant not leave him. when the letters stop coming leila makes up a letter about a dog running away but something much much deeper happens and she opens up to the old Priest  about her past 

through the journey they travel  together both are freed. 

it's a journey of forgiveness of hope and grace

the old priest asks a question about who he was doing this for he thought it had been about God but was it about and for himself... 

in our patches are we building our own kingdoms where is our heart is it on selfish things or are we living out of love 

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Photo by Mrs.wilsons art room 

A little different makes you think.... Today around the world many christians will be celebrating the birth of Mary... It's not something that the traditions I've be part of before have focused on.. I learnt today that three births are celebrated in the church Jesus, Mary and John the baptist. To take time out to just think at the start of the day about the life of a young woman her journey and impact was to be aware of who is there for those in our community to look up to.. when we see the state of the lives of those who are often the focus of admiration by young girls who want to be like "her". Recently in the news here in the UK the news of the tragic death of another young women for who fame and celebrity took it's toll. Yet it sadly to these and many others that teenagers and some much younger long to be like. 

There is much to learn from the " saints " and leaders who have gone before us whatever our view on Mary there is a lot for us to learn from her and those other early believers.  
Anyone who knows me well knows I'm not really into feminist stuff!! but who are the healthily good godly heros?  who are the role models for young women today?

here in mary we find a young woman who stepped out and stepped up to a challenged who was willing to lay aside her own rights and self even the man she was to marry thought to "devoice her quietly " 

what about me what about you are our lives worth following can we say like paul in his letter do what I do do our lives reflect Jesus. If not what am I what are you going to do about it.

OH and GUYS sorry you don't get off that lightly today either young men need role models just as much  will you step up to the mark too

Sunday, September 04, 2011

He's a bit heavy

I did sunday school today for the first time here in my new patch.. we only had one little girl M and M was wonderful such a delight to hang out with. we sat at the table at the back of church and discussed and coloured and made oh then snuck look at what fr Martin was doing by creeping along the back row..

we talked about putting on Jesus and thats where the giggles came as M looking thoughtful but he's big thats silly...


 in whispers the story unfolded we worked out that even a 4yr old can put on Jesus...

when we showed people that we love (heart) we listen (ear) we care (tissue) when people can see these things then we're showing Jesus

and It's not really about giving Jesus a piggy back giggle

what I really loved today was it was M that put the little people all together in the middle of the heart I'd placed them at the edge going round... she just reached over before i'd finished and moved them love that

Friday, September 02, 2011


Lets try this again - Having Noticed last night that the time was wrong on the first poster I hope that this is at last right :) 

More to follow on this later