Monday, October 15, 2012

Orchestra Unwrapped

Theres more excitement and noise than you'd expect then as the lights dim they cheer eagerly as the musicians enter.. Its not the usually audiance in DMH nor the welcome for a orchrister. Today that welcomed Philharmonia Orchestra. The auditorium was packed with children from all over leicester. I went along with Scraptoft Valley Primary School 
so what is it all about 
Orchestra Unwrapped is a uniquely ambitious project, offering every 7-11 year old child in Leicester the opportunity to hear the world-class Philharmonia Orchestra. The project will offer children, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, access to music education through a dynamic programme of interactive schools concerts, bespoke educational materials for the classroom, and online learning guides, all adhering to the National Curriculum.
This project is a national first, because it will reach every Key Stage 2 child in the City, and as Resident Orchestra at De Montfort Hall the Philharmonia is launching this initiative in Leicester.  We hope that will make a real difference to children across the City.
Throughout the performance everything is explained how the music works, the names for different styles and ways of playing.

the large screen and video images show the musicians and conductor close up. 

As part of the project the children had been learning Merlin, and so to that we turned as the story narrated from the stage a little symbol appears on the screen and everyone stand we are the choir. and it sounded wonderful. 

They clapped in the wrong places and and giggled and laughed there way through the concert and it was fantastic. 


  1. sounds a bit like the one I took the students in Finland (11 year olds) ... they loved pirates of he caribbean being played :)

  2. They Opened with Dr Who Theme Tune And closed with james Bond.