Sunday, February 20, 2011

on the tube...

saw this on the tube today... And got me thinking... it's a advert for a uk cable channel. The words at the bottom were what struck me.. its not going to change your life but thats not what we're about you got God channel for that... as part of my studies and coming from a background outside of the church one of the questions that I've asked and many more people are asking is what is church how do we define that word. When church is the people who are disciples of Jesus. encouraging seeking journeying together into a closer relationship with God becoming more like Him. What the advert here says is what they are and are not. they are there for entertainment - not to change life.. they are one of many channels bidding for our time.. putting on different programmes aiming at different groups of people... sounds very like the way the "church" does things. The tv channel are very aware of who they are and what they are about. I think that has a major challenge for the "church" are we just another group/organisation that is vying for peoples time or is there more is the church the place where lives are transformed. Not just putting on programmes but leading each other deeper in life changing encounters with the living God.. 


  1. Hi KAs well after our sermon in church this morning I would say that the church is the people the building is only there to provide us with a shelter or not even us but the altar. The question God asks us often results in the answer being "we are" as the answer not the church we built so the channel on tv could be nothing more than a vehicle of some sort for us to use to further his doing. Hope thia makes sense to you as I know your not finding it too easy at moment but you are in my prayers daily as is your Mum Good luck with everything and keep going this is great the last three enteries make a lot of sense and you seem to be doing just as God wants us to do and use what he gives us to answer our questions. John

  2. Thanks for posting this picture! In a funny way, it's an encouragement that some of the folks "in the world" do see church as a life-changing place, even if they're mocking somewhat.