Tuesday, November 22, 2011

three months

That was this weekend, Its been three months since I began work in the parish here.  Since being here my one word answer to the Diocesan Youth Officer(DYO) when asked how it goes has been SLOW. Today things started to speed up as the meetings with schools finally happened. One a primary school the other a community college. So from next week I'll be in both at least twice a week doing reading, pastoral playground games, story time...

between the two meetings nipping into a chip shop and a great chat with the owner about the youth in the area and that they often hang out in the shop in a evening. Not doing anything just a warm welcoming place. 'there good kids just nothing to do' and not having the money to buy anything. From this is another place and contact to meet with the youth with a bag of chips in hand to chat.

it's these "chance" conversations that so much is learnt about place and people.


  1. first time to the chippie there then?

  2. No not the first time to the chippy since coming here, but first time of being at this one. It's in another part of the parish between the schools