Tuesday, January 31, 2012

meetings where minuets are kept.....

I had a book I don't remember the title or who the author was which is unlike me. It was a book that had silly comments in it about life those of you who no me will get the type of thing I mean and why it amused me. I remember so of the comments in it, things like 

out of bounds = a tired kangaroo
vestry = where the Vicar keeps their vests

and then the meaning of meeting = where minutes are kept and hours wasted :) 

I'm Not much for meetings I like doing, not sitting and talking about doing especially when it leads to the above statement. I do plan and prepare and think and pray things through but not normally while sat in a room or behind my desk. How I do that comes in a variety of ways.. sometimes it's in a room with others a lot of the time it's while doing other things little thoughts come together then they go down on sticky notes that cover different surfaces. My tutor taught us a away of doing this to see the vision come through from pre conception conception birth and then through to maturity. Funny he still uses this method and posted a photo on his facebook just this last week....
The two meeting this week were community meetings one I'm still not sure what it was about- the other was great 5 of us where there a parent two teachers myself and another member of the community and a member of Leicester council.. 

What both meetings did have was new contacts two from the first meeting and much more from the second... 

I came away from the first meeting a little disappointed, even though at the end two brief conversations added to the network of possible contacts in the area.

today one of those contacts was put into place in the second meeting.. and look forward to seeing how things work out in the coming months.

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