Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Home....

My patch is on the move again .... I'm moving just down the road to a new house. 

This wasn't what I was expecting to be doing for a while yet.And definitely not in at the end of february  . I was told just a week ago that the landlord would have to sell the house :(. It wasn't a call they wanted to make nor the one that I was expecting. The call I was expecting was to say they were on the way to come fix the fence that came down in the recent storms.... So it was a bit of a shock and saddening I'd made this little house home. Friends had helped in the garden and little things around the house. Gutted is the closest I can find to how it felt. 

The afternoon I got the call I went for a walk just to see what was in the local area I wanted to stay close by. I have always felt that I wanted to live and work in the same community. One of the comments that cemented this was by one of the youth group a few years ago who commented miss your one of us arn't you, you live on .......... street. 

well I found a house just 5 mins away.. I rang up and monday evening viewed it... tuesday morning i camped outside the estate agents with all the paperwork i thought i may need to fill in a application for the house. then the wait to find out... well lunch time today I got the call that my application was successful and i can rent the house...

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