Saturday, March 17, 2012

too rich to die to poor to live

In the near future. You don't age past 25. Life is paid out a minute at a time. The rich can live forever. The poor die young.

As many people know My patch and reading don't go all that well. So movies tend to be my patch's time out. I do read but it takes time. Thursday night the young adults choose to watch in time as the movie. It has a very challenging story line as wel as many of the conversations. 

see the official trailer  

"Please take me home. I can't do that. Why? To keep me alive. How can you live with yourself watching people die right next to you. You don't watch. You close your eyes."

How oftern do we do just this close our eyes to whats going on in the world turn the page of the news paper, flick over the tv when a appeal advert comes on or the news shows shomtehing disterbing. thats if we actually even notice it..
what do we close our eyes too in the communities we live in. 

we are called to be Jesus with skin on to be HIS hand and HIS feet how can we do that if our eyes are closed.....


  1. Nice to hear from you! My husband asked just the other day how you were getting on, and I said I didn't think you'd blogged recently. We send our prayers and good wishes!

  2. Hi yeah been a bit quiet on here, With moving and college and work in the the last month things got a bit crazy. Or more crazy than normal =). Say hi to hubby.. things are going well. just off now to our kids club .. parable of the mustard seed today.. so maybe pic to follow if i ever get round to it. dont think i've posted on there for a while either... Hope your well