Sunday, April 01, 2012

palm sunday

Palm sunday has to be one of the days of the year for me that I look forward too. Here in the new patch there lots of firsts and today was another of these. There was no little white stallion leading the procession or causing church wardens a near heart attack when the vicar brought him right into the church. Walking the short walk from the village hall to the church in the cool but sunny spring morning. 

 two of the young people joined us this morning and it was their first time so a lot of excitement and questions and parts of the gospel story falling into place. they came out this week with the best description of a disciple I've heard in a while at house group on Thursday. 

those people you know the ones that were with Jesus they just followed him his footsteps like and learnt things then past them on so we can do it...

such a simple but wonderful way to explain what we so often over complicate. Today there were more great moments of laughter and excited comments on the front row as they turned and commented about recognising parts of the service from the gospel story we have been looking at over lent. 

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