Sunday, May 20, 2012


I was telling the Godly Play Holy family today at Kids Club we got to the time of wondering

Me: I wonder which of these you could remove and the story still work.
Kid 1: grown up Jesus..
Kid 2: if you remove grown up Jesus then take away baby Jesus too. There would be no need for Him. You need both.

Love the way these young lives question and think...


  1. 1. Wow - what a trendy new blog format! It makes me feel old :)
    2. Both of these are very interesting comments by the children. Of course it's true that most nativity sets don't include a grown-up Jesus!

    1. Yeah it is all new and trendy but I spent ages getting the page just how i wanted it and now it keeps doing strange new things.. I keep trying to get it back to the setting i like but then all change again... hoping that this time it stays they way i want it ...

      What they said really hits a point. People don't mind the safe little baby but the GodMan who challenges the Status Quo is a very different thing