Monday, May 07, 2012

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If only it was as simple as that, 

I don't know if you remember there was a real crazy several years ago for those 8balls you asked it a question it gave you a answer. That sorta fitted your question.  

Yesterday during the youth time before we rejoined the service for a baptism and the Communion. We and a interesting time of question and discussion. We're using the UCB word4u2day as a ay of introducing daily time with God and getting them to read the bible in small steps. It's a challenge to for me to make sure I am reading the notes they have. The notes from yesterday we did together.  During the week the questions or things that they want to talk about or share from there reading they make a note off and bring with them on a sunday or Thursday and we loo at them together. The questions are getting back to basics things we would take for granted. The simplest question this week was, Why are capitals used for He Him and  His when theres no full stop.  The answer the group came up with well is a written way of kneeling or  standing to show  respect and honour .   I like that don't know about you :). What I truly love about this group is they come as they are, they ask questions, they think about  they share and expect that back from each other...  and from whoever is leading... Asking questions is learning. Not every question thats asked will get a press here response, but working out the answer together weighing cup different ways of thinking and making it their own as they grapple with the questions they own. 

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