Wednesday, August 15, 2012


50/55Phone a friend or ask the audience they are the choices ( life lines) when playing the game who wants to be a millionaire.  They are also the choices that went with the question leading up to the summer holidays. For the first time we planned to take a group of 10 young people to the youth pilgrimage at Walsingham. There's nothing new in taking a group of young people camping or on a camp durring the summer holidays. leading upto the week away I'd used all my life lines on just one question how will they find they week,  - answer at the bottom of the post :)

“More than Gold or Silver” was the theme of the week building on the olympics that were taking place. 

on a bright monday morning saw Y@AS (Youth@All Saints) heading off for the first time to the Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage. And  Joining up with around 700 other young people from the UK and much further afield.

The week was one of many firsts,  as a group it was our first major event. This was a time of many firsts.As leaders it was the first time of being away together.The first time of being a leader.For some it was the first time of campingIt was a first in number of ways: putting up tents  for most ( two of the girls managed to have 3 tents and not manage to put any of them up!) The week was mix with fun and laughter and seriousness. We celebrated Mass in a Big Top and we had Supper with Bishop Lindsay. 

Midway through the week there was a washing-up mutiny ( due to the priests group seeing Him doing the washing up and doing a runner 20 mins later and a run round the site they finally turned up to help) and also a trip to the beach. There was  VERY late first-night/early morning (you know who you were who wen to bed at 2:30am and were up again by 4am)and I did get my own back on them :) . We walked the Holy Mile together, finishing at the Shrine as the day slowly drew to a close – it was a powerful experience for all, as was the all-night Vigil.

Within the week was also a opportunity to just be together and get to know each other in stronger ways.

How best to really sum up the week the words of two of the young people:

 ”Walsingham; life changing, memorable amazing.”  Mollie

 ”My week away at walsingham was memorable, dramatic, and life changing! I wish to go again next year: D “  Maisie

I need not have worried by midway through the week they were all plotting/ planning how to come back next year :)

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