Tuesday, August 28, 2012

exploring My Patch

Yesterday I managed to get out and explore a new part of my Patch and wandered off towards the feilds I walk past most days. What i love about being here more than anything is the differences. Stand at the top of the hill outside the church and look one way, you see the houses of the two estates and down towards the village. Turn and look the other and theres fields.  Walk through the estate and the noise of traffic and life being lived in its many forms can be heard and smelt. But walk the other way the very different sound and smell of life takes shape. 

Yesterday was cool but nice perfect exploring weather.. There was part of me that began remember the time a group of us would head off to explore the local woods as kids. Walking through the quite was great. exploring the different tracks that cut back and circled going nowhere at times It didn't matter.

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