Monday, November 01, 2010

All Souls

Last night at the local Parish church of St Peters we celebrated all souls.... I went last year for the first time it was really interesting as those who through this year had lost loved ones wether friend or family joined together to celebrate and remember their lives as part of the service a list of names was read it was a simple but special service on the service sheet it says this 

welcome to our service of remembering those who have died. During the service there will be an opportunity to light a candle. Why do we do this ?

Lighting a candle is a prayer 
when we have gone it stays alight... kindling in the hearts and minds of others the prayers we have already offered for them

lighting a candle is a parable  
burning itself out it gives light to others.
Christ gave Himself for others 
He calls us to give ourselves

lighting a candle is a symbol
of love and hope  of light and warmth 

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