Saturday, November 20, 2010

out and about

I've been a bit under the weather the last couple of days, and hoping and very much praying my voice lasts the weekend as I'm preaching...

But today I got to escape as I had a visitor for the day :)... and we went into london.. Piccadilly Circus, regents street and oxford street yup on a saturday and this close to christmas it was nice though even with all the people.. though I did get told off by my visitor for the mole, hamster and duck step impressions when people got in the way... 

the lights are up and a Narnia theme this year yay ( hoping to go see it next week when I visit my friend in finland hint hint) 

At Hamley's the biggest toy shop we came home with a new friend.. A beanie boo

Born May 11th 

and called waddle 
I love penguins there great always psychotic love the one in the film madagascar 

the christmas tree was a treat too

 And the window display bears carol singing :)

A nice day :)


  1. it was lovely Hope to go back when its dark and wander down that way again see it in the dark when its not so packed