Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Greeting from the frozen north

I'm on my travels again :)

I'm in a and of snow where the country doesn't come to a standstill and everything carries on as normal when the fluffy rain comes. ok maybe not all one school yesterday did close as it was too cold the heating wasn't working and it was about 10c in the classes. 

outside it was almost -20 most of the day though my friends doggies din't mind too much and enjoyed their walk and rolling in the snow.

the evening was great it was my friend and fellow bloggers birthday and we went out for pizza at Dennis's in turku ( made even more famous by the fact that the Beckham's ordered takeout while david was here having a op in the summer you can even order the same pizza the 71. BECKHAM SPECIAL ham, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil) I had to go for one pizza that you wont find in the local pizza shop MAAHINEN and it was great ( go and look it up :) ) 

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