Friday, July 01, 2011

food film and fellowship

December 2009  I invited the two boys that I spoke to at church round for food and a film we watched the grinch they sat on the sofa and were like mice. Even after the film when we were looking at what advent and Christmas meant to us and how we could live a life that reflected that. 

This space twice a month was there space a space that was to be safe and ask questions and NO question was ignored. And whatever they wanted to look at or ask we would.. over the 18 months we've come together many things have been said and explored. From the father heart of God to the Holy Spirit and my notes for the night have been thrown out many nights as they led from where they were and what they saw in the film. I've learnt a lot from the boys, it's been a privilege to have shared these nights with them. 

Some night like tonight I gave them the code for pay-per-view and they chose a film they wanted to watch we chatted about life and just shared food and fellowship we laughed and joked. There were threats that if a film wasn't chosen soon this was after nearly 30 minutes of going through every film on there I would choose it's amazing who fast they chose once I said they had 5 minutes or piglet the movie was to go on.

they have made it thier space, and that has been wonderful to watch them open up I'm not sure recently how much of the film we've really watched as the giggling and messing has gone on. my poor teddies that sit on the sofa end up as weapons.

not mice anymore and i wouldn't have it any other way. What is being church what is church this is and has been. 

tonights fun was my hammock while we was tidying up one of the boys J escaped on to the balcony and decided to try and get on the hammock then they all escaped to have ago. it was truly comic to see one boy M spin straight over like a cartoon.

they fun was tinged with sadness tonight was the last night all of us will be together as on saturday J and his mum go away for the summer.

M,  erm sorta on the Hammock and after a few attempts finally makes it.....


  1. didn't know you had a hammock !!! lucky you

    remembert the night they showed up with 7 of their friends!!

  2. Yeah that was great they did it a few times on the just hang out night. The world cup last year when I had 15+ teenage boys round most of whom I'd never met but found a place to hang out together.