Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a sad day in Vauxhall

Today didn't start out being a sad day well apart from the alarm clock going off. It  did start as any other tuesday parents walked their kids to school teenagers dragged their heals and the usual sirens in the distance . Yet at lunch time this pleasant day changed the headlines on BBC London said it all
A man is taken to hospital with bullet wounds 
after being shot in a street in south London, police say.

The first that most of the community new there was something happing was the large red Air Ambulance flying low over a four storey block of flats and landing on a small patch of grass. 

London has had a fair share of knife and gun crime over recent months. one of the comments heard time after time today was never expected it here you hear of it it things like this happening in other places but here!!

a community rocked yet again it has been over two years not long in many ways but in many ways it is since there was last a serious incident with a stabbing a short distance away. After this the community came together and outside one of the churches there are tiny blue lights in the tree that can be seen from a distance around vauxhall and kennington the tree of hope. 

Todays shooting happened within sight of this sign of hope and standing as a community.


  1. good photo of the helicopter!

    yeah a very sad day :(

  2. yeah, the police have now arrested seven people to do with the shooting.