Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Postia Pappi Jaakobille

Letters to Father Jacob 

This I was given this film as a gift by a friend F when he came to stay in the summer. The poor guy was staying with me while I was packing. Every night F came back and had to fight his way to bed as I'd been putting stuff in his room while I packed. 

It's in Finish with subtitles 

It's a beautiful movie

It's the story of a old blind priest Fr Jacob and a pardoned murderer Laila who takes a job as his assistant, reading the letter asking for prayer and then writing Fr Jacobs response. On leaving prison there was nowhere else for her to go and now the secluded house becomes a new prison.while at the house she belives it was the priest who applied for her pardon and is bitter about it refusing to accept the help that she isn't one of the priest charity cases,  after some time she can not take it any more and plans to leave then one day the letters stop coming. Fr Jacobs life is shaken to its core Physically fragile before, now he is spiritually at his breaking point and Leila finds she cant not leave him. when the letters stop coming leila makes up a letter about a dog running away but something much much deeper happens and she opens up to the old Priest  about her past 

through the journey they travel  together both are freed. 

it's a journey of forgiveness of hope and grace

the old priest asks a question about who he was doing this for he thought it had been about God but was it about and for himself... 

in our patches are we building our own kingdoms where is our heart is it on selfish things or are we living out of love 


  1. haven't seen it

    calander girls dvd is with B in Finland

  2. calendar girls ? that mean you have two of my dvds I thought it was made in dagenham that you had

    Its a very slow movie lovely story and though only two actors plus the post man its really rich.

    would like to see it in english though but it hasnt been on uk release only in the us in english so would have to get in on import