Sunday, September 04, 2011

He's a bit heavy

I did sunday school today for the first time here in my new patch.. we only had one little girl M and M was wonderful such a delight to hang out with. we sat at the table at the back of church and discussed and coloured and made oh then snuck look at what fr Martin was doing by creeping along the back row..

we talked about putting on Jesus and thats where the giggles came as M looking thoughtful but he's big thats silly...


 in whispers the story unfolded we worked out that even a 4yr old can put on Jesus...

when we showed people that we love (heart) we listen (ear) we care (tissue) when people can see these things then we're showing Jesus

and It's not really about giving Jesus a piggy back giggle

what I really loved today was it was M that put the little people all together in the middle of the heart I'd placed them at the edge going round... she just reached over before i'd finished and moved them love that

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