Thursday, April 19, 2012

Godly Play

I've spent today playing... Theres different sides to leading Godly Play. One of the things that I really like is finding and building the stories.

I've always liked arts and crafts so this really leaps out for me.  Theres always a story behind a picture a painting a statue or carving. Each person who comes to look at it contemplate it adds to the story.

That is very true in Godly play each story we ask I wonder, theres no right no wrong as we enter into the story and journey together.  And I mean together in a real tangible way.

The stories are used in two ways, occasionally as part of the sunday morning, and mainly in our monthly Kids Club we all come together leaders and clubbers. As we ask I wonder there is a look that comes over the whole group, as they play through the story in there imagination...

Today's story makes 6 we now have..

Good Shepherd
Good Samaritan
Mustard Seed
Holy Family
Mystery of Pentecost

And the parable of the sower in a work in progress.

The latest Box ready 

Mystery of Pentecost


  1. :) I look forward to seeing the picture! :)

    1. there you go StoryTeller :)

  2. Good job! What you're doing is so exciting - adding one treasured story at a time!

    1. Thanks, I've just brought my first 'pre made ' story the parable of the leaven. slowly the libary of stories is growing.