Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 3

Really started to feel the effects today. Monday and Tuesday seemed ok, but today I really want my supper. Feeling really tired and energy levels sapping. Really missing my fruit and especially orange juice. The lack of fresh fruit and salad is noticeable. Started with a headache too.

Tonight for supper though there is a little glimmer of hope, in the bargain bin at the local co-op was a bag of mixed veggies reduce to 20p and to top it off was 2 breaded haddock filets reduced to 30p the last of my budget now spent. I really didn't want to face more processed foods tonight. Feels like the lap of luxury. 

Hoping that this meal will do something towards kicking a big of life back into my body. 

Thinking back to the passage I preached off on Sunday exodus 16 when after hearing the complaints of the Israelites in the desert God speaks and sends them  to gather what was needed for that day nothing more that he might test them.

What sticking today about this passage is that living below the line this isn't possible. It's not possible to actually have the five a day fruit and veg that government guidelines say is needed to live a balanced diet. 

Supper I have to admit I ate several bits of the veggies before they got cooked 

Meals today
Breakfast Porridge, jam and a cuppa
Lunch Soup and bread
Supper breaded haddock, carrots, broccoli and a small portion of pasta and sauce.

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