Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Right now I should be somewhere above Finland on my way back to London...Rather I'm sat with Glögi and Pepparkakor on my friends sofa. 

This is the first time that I've ever been stuck anywhere. For the past week Finnair have been on strike. So now I have a ticket for Friday evening and hope that a arrangement can be made so I can fly. 

Earlier this year I had two guests stay with me, they were stuck in London due to the volcano that erupted in Iceland they were with me a week. 

they joked on sunday that we seem to get tuck in each others countries.... 

my friend already has a house full of 'waifs and strays' plus hubby and daughter oh and the three doggies. Yeah it's tough at times.

but here is a feeling of home.... a welcome.... a place to lay a head.... to be warm..... 

Hospitality is a gift that often goes unnoticed... but its one that my friend has in abundance even when tired... 

I'm thankful that even when plans are thrown out that here is always a welcome..


  1. I haven't been very hospitable - too flipping busy to think let alone offer tea, sympathy or more than a wan smile ... but the dogs and hubby as well as the best latte maker in the house did a grand job when I couldn't

    and thank you again for all the house elf duties. I had beans on toast tonight (no supper as you'd flown off) and thought of you

    Hopefully this crazy peiod is over by the middle of next week - though you then enter your crazy Christmas season in the church and would need a house elf of your own :(

    <3 glad you came, glad you got the paperwork done and dusted. God is good - though I haven't always been able to see that this week :(

  2. Hospitality comes in many different ways...
    I can't remember which version of the bible it is but theres a passage that says be creative with your hospitality it may well have been one of the lectures being creative in a sermon the nearest I can find is from The New Living Translation
    Cheerfully share your home with those who need a meal or a place to stay. 1Pet:4:9

    As I see it you did just what is found in that passage...

    I meant what I wrote... and it's now on the internet so it must be true