Friday, December 10, 2010

3 in 1

That not the oil for my bike.... 

but the time zone I have been in in one afternoon... Finland    +2hrs
                                                                                          Denmark +1hrs
then finally back in London and back to GMT+0 

was a long day of travelling but like many on the flight we were glad to be on a plane that was going to fly...  so rather than my normal route of Turku - Helsinki - London and time wandering around the shops I was upset not to fly via Helsinki I was eyeing up a Raindeer skin so maybe it's a good thing that Helsinki was out.

so as with other trips this was out the window at Copenhagen 

The colours from this don't really show through but they were great.......

back in London things didn't go quiet as they should... we had to wait to be let off the plane for a while... grrrr

but back now after a trip to tesco ( I nearly wrote prisma lol) I have supper... 

now it's off to bed..... 


  1. yeah, still did the same today at the top of my list... doh at least i don't have a little helper adding things to my trolly :)