Sunday, March 13, 2011

At the table

© 2011 Julia Lohmann
I had to smile today, I really did not want to go to church today as wesley once wrote in the famous journal entry  "I went very unwillingly". I haven't been all that well again this week, and had been ill during the night and again during the service. But I was acting steward today so went. Toward the end of the service just as we came together to read the liturgy for communion our youngest member who's about 18months wandered over to the communion rail reached up and almost danced along the rail and played under the table. I was wonderful to see... then his older brother joined him it was great to see the freedom of these two young lives free at the table free to crawl and play and dance... in their fathers house. I came to remember the verse from Song of Solomon 2:4

He brought me to the banqueting house, 
And his banner over me was love.

There is a song called his banner over me that I was singing to my self as I sat there just watching the boys part of the words go   

He brought me to his banqueting table 
And his banner over me is love 
I am my beloved’s and he is mine 
And his banner over me is love 
We delight ourselves at your table oh God

we delight ourselves at your table oh God I love that phrase but it also comes with a "ouch" the ouch do I really delight my self at HIS table like the two young lives did today.....


  1. I remember the song

    and can 'see' those little ones. Sounds great

    get well soon <3

  2. It was, God met me in those few precious moments

  3. I have sung the original version of this song a couple of times at Junior Church. I like that it has hand motions to go with it. So far it hasn't really taken off with the children, but you have inspired me to try it again soon! Thanks!