Wednesday, March 09, 2011

who's pulling your Strings......

The 1967 Uk entry to the Eurovision song contest was puppet on a string Last night I got to meet one of my all time favourite puppets from childhood sooty.....

I loved this cheeky little bear. So there was a reason to be playing with puppets well at cubs tonight we had a visit from a puppeteer. The cubs were mesmerised by them. Now I'm not always a fan of puppets I hate the ones that look human so the old guys off the muppet show are out... but cuddly ones like sooty sweep and sue 

Though there is much fun and laughter with puppets. What I got to thinking about was the string puppets I have a few of these. the ones that work by strings that make it move. The question was who's pulling your strings. Who is it that guides your motives and actions. 
This can be taken further who is pulling the string on the street, in the flats or over the estate that we live in. Who is it that is being allowed to run things. Is there a time for a change a time to bring about a new way of thinking a new way of being. 

By placing my hand inside sooty I could control to guide the bears actions... am I as willing as the bear to allow my actions to be guided by God. To allow those action and ways to make a difference on my patch.... 


  1. it's a good question

    often we allow the wrong people (and past hurts) to pull our strings. I know I do :(

  2. Yeah,

    And it isn't alway noticed that its the wrong people until our strings get tied and we're left in a mess that we realise.

    I'm thankful though that God doesn't just cut the strings and let us fall to the ground but he unpicks the tangled mess through His Spirit and through others being Jesus with skin on to us.....