Friday, March 04, 2011

A new friend

There are many things that take over our towns and city's at night, I love watching the BBC's two series spring and autumn watch. These programmes look at the different animals that are around a live documentary that the viewer can join in with. I had not got my camera with me as i walked home last night but did manage to get this 
A young fox who more or less walked me home, I sat watching it for a while till it got too cold for me, to get this close was so good. I really was as close as the picture seems to suggests. many of those who live alongside us have had to adapt and overcome. Some have done it better than others. Urban foxes often get a bad press, but I'm really glad to have them around.


  1. wonderful :)

    why do they get a bad press?

  2. Possibly due to the mess they create- the bins were raided last night the mess that was left was impressive to say the least. But the mess was caused by the temptation that rubbish bags give. The fox may get the blame but it is US who do not put the rubbish in the bins to start with