Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stand Still in London

Today traffic was brought to a halt in central London. Roads normally full of traffic were empty. As 250,000 people march through the streets to voice their concerns over the latest government cuts. We are in a time where we need to all tighten our purses a little but how we do that MATTERS. How what is taking place effects those in my patch I don't really know right now. But they will and some will be struggling even more. The march brought together people from all ages from all over the UK. Will it have made a difference I really am not sure. 
Here's a few photo's of the day that show the different people that where there 


  1. some brilliant shots here :)
    I love the way you've caught Big Ben in so many of them ... and that old and young, black and white - and according to the BBC at least both naturally rebels, and those who've never protested in their life before - marched side by side

    the cuts will go wide and hit deep :( and many (at almost all levels of society will suffer from library/sports closures, education and NHS cuts, and so on ...

    Glad it was good weather too :)

  2. Yeah the government have aid that it (the march) will make no difference to their plans.

    My FB tills says fight for the forgotten and marginalised marginalised -

    yeah it was cool but nice which was good as it would have been dreadful if it had been really hot.