Monday, August 29, 2011

Bank Holiday's

You can tell it's a bank holiday here in the uk - it's been overcast and rained on and off all day .... it put a end to some of my plans but others came about... I made two shelves out of reclaimed wood one for the living-room and one for the office.

reclaimed I like that word :)  the wood was reclaimed not recycled... Reclaimed it's been made into something new but it's kept much of what it was. It was part of a blanket box was part of one of the side panels it still looks like it did in the box but has been reclaimed and reused in a new way it's been reshaped just a little to fit where I now have it.

recycled to me means it looses all that it was it's broken down made into something totally new I have a recycled bag. on it it say I used to be a plastic bottle. recycling is great.

but I don't want to be recycled... I want to be reclaimed and reused in a new way...

but being reclaimed isn't always easy it can be hard work...  recently STF reclaimed my garden from the weeds... now I've reclaimed it even further and its been taken back to its raw bare self.. I have cuts and bruises and a few scares as I got to close to certain creatures I really don't like but know they have a very good job to do eating other bugs....

to reclaim our villages towns and cities will be like that too... some time there will be the easy bits turning the side panels of a box into a shelf other times to reclaim the places will be hard work it will be slow and painful.. it will be dirty and messy ......we may not see the full results of our labour either.

but we need to be faithful to the vision and call that God has given us....

I have the picture of what I want my garden to look like in my head... it may not work out as I think but I will follow this picture...

we need to do the same with the vision that God has given for our lives our churches and our communities... even when it means going out in the rain and getting mucky....

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  1. I really liked what you wrote here today. Thank you

    in Finland we use the three Rs


    I like your reclaim. I think it's part of what happens when we turn back to God. He never gave up on us, but when we line ourselves up with Him again, well we reclaim our inheritance - as sons and daughters, heirs to the Kingdom