Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I've been quite on here for a few days now that was due to living in chaos. A week ago today it was almost impossible to get into my front room or through the front door because boxes had been stacked in any space we could find. It was only when we drove up to Leicester last thursday evening that another friend who was staying while here studying actually had a room to call his own.

cupbord cleaning by stf 
Thankfully it was cooler last thursday as we packed the van and drove up north. Fun and games on the M1 with 15miles of roadworks and then loosing the signs for the A46 and then working off the little I know of the area. We got to the house eventually :) unpacked most of the van then collapsed for the night.

I now have internet and cable installed so all good... Just need the sofas to arrive ( and get through the door :S and will be almost there)

off out now for supper

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