Friday, August 26, 2011

Time to play

My friends over see-through- faith and storyteller have been doing Godly play for a while. It was through them that I heard about it and went on a course in June to be a godly play teacher. Yesterday I got to 'play' it's the first time for a long time I have had my paints and craft things out. there was a reason behind this I made my first set of Godly play materials 

Set of advent plaques....just missing the Holy family characters. Normally I'm complaining about christmas being in the shops so early but to think about the plaques as they were being prepaied was to let my mind wonder each piece had to be done slowly and with care sometimes we can lose that and rush through the time of advent and christmas and miss just how much care and wonder that actually went into that first christmas.. 

if your not sure what Godly play is about you can read about  what storyteller has to say about it here 

I got to play in a different way for a few minutes last night as well. It was a first time I've ever got to have a small go at bell ringing  and was a real eye opener   I've only ever heard the wonderful results.  To see just how much work really goes into it, mentally and physically. 

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  1. What a wonderfully rich shade of blue! I like that they are a little bit personal, and at the same time very true to the official Godly Play ones.