Sunday, August 21, 2011

first day

Today was the first day proper at my new patch.  

It was a bit of a strange night waking every half hour or so the service is no different from my last patch 10 am but I thought every time I woke I'd over slept. Silly I know but I'm like that when I travel to. In June I spent the night at heathrow and was worried all night that I'd fall a a sleep and miss my flight due to being asleep somewhere in the departure terminal.

This morning I was commissioned as the children's and you missioner.  I have stood before the church in many places and made promises /commitments /vows. The last time was in March as I was welcomed into full plan as a local preacher. Today though was like it was the very first time, I've always taken these times with a great respect and seriousness and do not enter into these lightly. the words today struck me to the core.

Caroline, do you believe that you are called by God, through the church, to ministry among children and young people
I do.
As you commit yourself to this ministry, we ask you these questions: Do you confess Jesus Christ as Lord?
I do.
Do you receive the witness to Christ in the holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments?
I do.
Do you embrace the faith and unity of the holy, catholic and apostolic Church?
I do.
Will you submit yourself to the Church’s discipline?
With God’s help, I will.
Will you assist the church to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to young people, and to build them up in the faith? With God’s help, I will.Will you encourage young people to offer their faith, gifts and energy to God in the life of the church and the community? With God’s help, I will.
Will you seek opportunities to enhance your gifts and skills in youth ministry?
With God’s help, I will.
May God give you strength to fulfil these vows; and to God be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus from generation to generation for ever. Amen.

There is something very powerful about declaring aloud in public that makes these words more than just words. How we speak and the intentions of the heart as we do speak carries deep implications.

I stood today in front of new friends to make these vows... it was a safe place even if it was totally scary. In reflecting on this I do think and pray for those members of the body of christ around who make these vows in much different circumstances and where these words can mean even in 2011 a life of struggle hardship and imprisonment.


  1. Bless your time of ministy in the new patch

    may you love it and water it and may God cause it to grow (1 Cor 3)

  2. and day 2, 3 ... ?? (grin)

    keep posting from time to time. It's good to reflect

  3. Yeah I'll keep posting,

    From time to time,