Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My patch on the move, Later this summer the little patch of vauxhall that has been where I've been planted since october 2009 will be left behind. Just as with plants it's time for me to be repotted, it's said but also a good time as I seek to find where God wants me to go next. 

As I googled a site today to look at more info about a patch I've applied to today I came across this job title on the rejesus site which was one of their links.....

Job title
Employer details
Flexible. You will essentially be a field worker fulfilling the requirements of the role in your local community. You will be prepared to leave the security of home behind at certain times.
Role and purpose
You are to live as Jesus taught, and follow his example. 
I've just finished a intensive MA week over at cliff college which was one of the reasons why blogging was non excitant last week. my MA is in mission Wesleyan Theology and Spirituality and spent a lot of time looking at what it meant to be a real follower of jesus.

whatever happens patch wise this is the job description the way of life that is first and foremost  


  1. I like that job description ... but I also like the image of you being repotted ... with new soil but also space to stretch and grow :)

    Hope you'll keep blogging about your new patch - when you get there :)

  2. Yeah it's great, really made me think when I saw it.

    I'll continue to blog about my new patch when I get there. And the time in between if there is one.