Sunday, September 05, 2010

around My Patch, Allotments

I got the idea for the name of this blog while on at a lay conference at the beginning of the year... Where we looked at the place we had been called as a allotment patch and the different ways we approach things and people we will meet. From the parable of the sower

A few minuets from the flat where I live is a small allotment patch broken up into private patches. 


What I love is the variety of things that grow in this small area, that each persons own thoughts ideas and expression comes through. So many different plants edible and decrotive grow together... 

it's a wonderful picture of what community is what church community could and should be like

walkin round the small area was a real surprise finding that there were grapes growing along the wire fence I'd not realised that this was what the plant was.

Jesus in john's gospels speaks that He is the vine his people are the branches here in the heart of my little patch is a reminder... of what I am called to do what we as a community of believers are called to be and do. To reach out take His love and goodness out. 

The vine had broken out in places from behind the fence the grapes growing the branches spreading connected to the main vine. but on the outside of the fence... and they were different from those on the inside.. not formed quite right a bit grubby from being knocked about and the mud and grim off the road. 

It's a picture a message that in the church we need to recognise  where God is moving and be there along side. 

there is a reality check to this as well as each of the little plots has a compost heap where the waste the unproductive where that which is pruned cut back is put... 

I don't want to end up in God's compost heap being recycled.....

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