Thursday, September 23, 2010

Come fly with me

In my patch we are sat underneath the flight path for Heathrow.... I love watching the planes come over....

Right now I'm sat in terminal 3 at Heathrow.. waiting impatiently for the gate number to come up on the board for the 10:20 Finnair flight to Helsinki :)

and a weekend off :)

at 5pm Fin time (3pm bst) I'll be on my way to Hesse with a friend....

Will be strange though as this will be the first time that I land in Finland when the author of see-through-faith wont be picking me up..

haven't got a clue what we will do this weekend :)

more to follow on this trip later


  1. I didn't have a clue either - but it all worked out fine!

  2. yeah how we fitted everything in in such a short time