Monday, September 13, 2010

brownies & pizza

Together yes but not of chocolate sorts

monday night is brownies......

tonights activity was making pizza.....

fun... not in a way you would normally think of making it...

nice big cobs, tomato paste, cheese, ham, pineapple, baby tomatoes.....

put in oven....

it was great to see in their sixes the way they put their pizza together, so many different ways of putting those few ingredients.  and for some most of it never reached the bread as they happily munched away on the baby tomatoes..... others had cheese first, some had the cheese last...

and then you get the one, there's always one.......

Who turns theirs into a face :)

they did taste great.... Tonight was also the circuit meeting here and the brownies snuck me one in :)

the brownies have a lot to teach us through the promise they make and the law they are to try to live by.... recently I've done a lot about the means of grace and rules of life what though covers all encompasses all more than the brownie promise 

The Brownie Promise is:I promise that I will do my best:

To love my God,To serve the Queen and my country,

To help other people


To keep the Brownie Guide Law.
The Brownie Guide Law is: A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself and does a good turn every day.
what if each of us promise to do OUR best at work at home at play 
what if we truly set out to love God 
To serve others  not just in our own country but all countries. thinking about what we buy, how we live, 

to be like these little brownies tonight, joining in, helping each other, laughing, being part of something that is bigger than ourselves yet being very different, 

as I watched and talked with them during the night it was hard not to think of the bible passage that speaks of a body having many parts each being valuable each being needed each unique yet all working for the same purpose.


  1. I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to God, to serve the Queen and help other people and to keep the brownie guide law

    that's the vow I made almost 50 years ago
    my dad almost didn't let me join because of the royalist clause

    I'd forgotten the brownie guide law - it was probably quite similar to the modern (postmodern) one. We also had the motto LEND A HAND (which I liked)

    I just checked with wikipedia and the phrase to love MY God was incorporated to allow space for non-Christians (i.e. those of other faiths) ... another sign of Post Christendom.

    LOVED the pizza face. But really Naan bread - as we found out - makes the best simple pizza base :)

  2. Yeah naan bread pizza is the best...

    yeah it's an interesting one... how the promise has changed over the time here...

    what i do like is the inclusiveness of it... that though many packs are run in church halls.. have parades al can come and be part....

    I was looking through the Guiding catalogue recently and as part of the uniform there are head scarf's to include muslim girls,

    I think it's great that they are including all faiths and no faiths.

    that in this there are many youngsters growing up belonging to something so wide....

  3. The face-pizza was yours, wasn't it?


  4. nope not mine but yeah the sort of thing I would do