Sunday, September 12, 2010

Get Connected......

Yesterday was spent at Westminster central Hall for the London District youth event  Get Connected... This was the first event.....

What was great about this was that it fell the same day as the Synod (a meeting for all the methodist ministers and a member of the congregation). So we were able to talk to a larger group of people as they came out of there meetings ( and on occasion grab some willing "volunteers")

To have a mix  of 80+ youth across the district coming together to learn new skills meet others. Was a great sight... working with old and new colleagues.... sharing in the setting up to  praying with people, working as team in the very best sense of the words no job was more important non so menial as not to under someone was a real blessing to be in.

there were times of high jinx as well.... even for those who were meant to be as a couple of comments say 
" and I thought you were both so busy stewarding ;-)"
"You just can't get reliable staff these days!"

But It just had to be done 

Four workshops took place, gospel choir, dance, praise and worship, and Jesus in the quiet in space set out for quiet to just be.

During the worship in the evening the dance workshop showcased what they had  done in JUST 2 hours and it was fantastic.... 

The "sermon" was part dvd/talk challenge from the Hillsongs  "I care Revolution"  team. 

the dvd used fear/love (10mins) filmed against the back drop of inner city london follows the lives and struggles of three young people are they find out who they are becoming 

The challenge 

  • One in ten children between the ages of one and 15 has a mental health disorder 
- The Office for National Statistics Mental health in children
and young people in Great Britain (2005)

  • Estimates vary, but research suggests that 20% of children have a mental health problem in any given year, and about 10% at any one time.
- Lifetime Impacts: Childhood and Adolescent Mental Health, Understanding The Lifetime Impacts, Mental Health
Foundation (2005)

  • Rates of mental health problems among children increase as they reach adolescence. Disorders affect 10.4% of boys aged 5-10, rising to 12.8% of boys aged 11-15, and 5.9% of girls aged 5-10, rising to 9.65% of girls aged 11-15
- Mental Disorder More Common In Boys, National Statistics
 Online (2004)

Those are a ouch... 

Are we going to care do we care.... will you be the friend... will you be the one when no one else will... but it has to come from the inside out... from a revolution of the heart... from a relationship with God..

That wasn't just a challenge to the young people there last night but to all of us there....  The challenge for those who are already in leadership in any form in the church is to help those both here last night and in the schools and clubs who stand and take this challenge to Heart to disciple equip and encourage. 

For those who missed this, keep a eye out for further events from the district... You missed a great night........

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