Wednesday, September 29, 2010

critters !!!!!

As most know, just down the street from my flat are the Spring gardens... I had to smile today, walking through the park. Two workmen were trying to cut down a Horse Chestnut. ... and not finding it a easy job. They did have a large group watching from a distance!

I loved Horse Chestnuts as a kid and would go conkering.

There were lots laying around beneath the tree

As a kid these wouldn't have stayed very long on the trees or the ground. Today though they were coming down faster than normal.... why? Two very noisy critters were not happy about the destruction of their patch... these two little squirrels had weapons of mass destruction in their paws, and were happily hitting passersby with conkers!

All creatures great and small :) Today, though they may have lost a tree, the squirrels for me defiantly came out on top...

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