Monday, October 11, 2010

Epsom part 2

early tomorrow I'm off to Epsom again for the second part of my placement... Looking forward to it. one of the really interesting things about doing the placement is seeing how others use their gifts and skill and how they work in their patch. 

as indifferent parts of the country the soil is different more acidic or clay based so to with the way we live and are.

so that somethings that work here in my patch may not work in others... just as in the garden some plants will in acidic soils but not in clay soils.

so it's early to bed and early to rise :)

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  1. like the description of different soils - it's important in ministry NOT to look for one-method-fits all i.e. a blueprint - but to discern where the Spirit is at work and join in.

    blessed trip