Saturday, October 02, 2010


This time last week I was in Turku. 

Turku was the capitol of Finland until it was moved to Helsinki. 

It is also the home of Moominworld airport not far is is the town of naantali 

I've had a fascination with these little guys for a long time... last winter I got to eat a picnic on the porch of muumin house :) 

For 2011 Turku will be the European capital of culture.. and while I was a way this weekend I got to plant a bulb at Ilpoinen school..

Photo By STF

It was a great morning lots of activities and lots of parents turned up to support what was taking place. 

I was told that I have a nose for coffee and pulla as yet again I found where it was being sold ( when on holiday in Tenerife  last year I found a church selling Finnish coffee and homemade pulla)

I also got to have a really nice bread with berries in it and sausage with apple juice 

Photo By STF school meal 

not only did I get to plant a bulb at the school I got to help in my friends garden doing a bit of pruning :) and gathering leaves. Living in a flat I really miss this side of life this weekend 3rd october is the harvest service in north lambeth. 

Photo By STF Pruning 

Ok so that may be a little pushing it for pruning, though cutting back can be very good for a plant : good job my friends hubby was away for the weekend...:)
part of the open praise of praise that we will use is 

God of the harvest we thank you for all those who represent us all in tending creation.
For gardeners and allotment owners
For foresters  and For farmers
For fishermen
That all might share from your garden

We thank you and praise you lord

and a couple of helpers with the leaves 


  1. was a great weekend....
    next time less work more sauna