Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Tonight was the end of a long wait for my friends daughter. She had never been to the West-end theatre though me and my friend have been a few times over the year I've been in this patch. We've seen.....

The Phantom of the Opera
Les Mis 
We Will Rock You 
Dirty Dancing  
Sister Act 

Les Mis for my friends 50th had to be the most special of shows that we have seen, the struggle between grace and law of hope. It being the first time my friend and I had been together and had the most wonderful seats in the stalls on the front row....

Lion King was great the look on my friends daughters face when she realised where we were going was priceless... again we were back in the stalls surrounded by colour and sound... 

How my friends daughter hadn't worked out where we were going I don't know sunday we went to see the lion king exhibition at the national geographic store and watched the film.

 two things really hit me at the exhibition the detail in the masks and clothes

With Rafiki 

n the costume was amazing and unlike the film Rafiki in the show is a woman 

the second thing was this quote on one of the walls 

That made me wonder how would someone sculpt me whats the trait that comes through in me to the world around me 

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