Thursday, October 14, 2010


No that's not my bad spelling again but rather the name of a way of spreading the story of christmas...  through interesting thought from mary and joseph to the wise men through modern media, Facebook and twitter the messages given in 140 characters the limit for a tweet 

What's it all about 


  • Reinforce the story of Christmas
  • Allow the 21st century audience to engage with the story in a new way
  • Create a space for Christians during a cluttered time of the year to remember the story
  • Create a way for Christians to engage their friends with the story in a thought-provoking, yet fun way

Want to join in then follow the links 

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If it's not for you then pass it on to someone else who might :)

Writing this I'm thinking this doesn't really have much to say about my patch or does it... 

I think it brings a very relevant question about how we relate to those living in our patches..  How we share the message of Gods love in the world both by word and by deed...

How do we pass on the message to those in the 21st century who are inundated with so many other things vying  for their attention, time, loyalty....

to present the gospel in a way that is accessible to those who are now so far removed from having any connection with a Christian community... who no-longer no the "stories of old" those that even my generation can just about remember.. those like the young boy who walked past us at easter and turned to his father asking dad why are all those people standing round that cross?? an innocent question but one his father couldn't really answer.. or the young girl walking past a nativity scene asking mummy why is that baby surrounded by animals.

Introducing the gospel to a new generation in a fresh way.... the gospel is always relevant how we present it and live it isn't always.

Tonight at guides was a moment when one guide present a argument as to why the part of the guide law she had to defend was important spoke about caring for creation being good users of resources. and then said this is important as in genesis 1 God said thats what we were to be.... then looked at me, and semi puzzled semi questioning said i got that right... the grin when it was affirmed was worth the cold walk up on a dark night. Questions coming from this group over the last few weeks have been a mix.. from what the bible says about tattoos and pearcings, to s-x before marriage.... it started by being real, trying to live and speak the gospel... 

being relevant, not trying to be cool, or trendy, but real......

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