Monday, October 25, 2010


Not sure what's happened over the last few days with the posts :(. There's been a lot of paper work to sort out and on sunday had a trail service for my local preachers course... it was a very interesting morning it was at a church I haven't been to before. 

I got there with my friend early and had chance to walk around it was a lovely crisp sunny morning. 

looking round and taken pictures there was a voice behind us.. if you want to know about the place you want my mum and dad... a passerby commented we spent 20 or so mins standing there on the street talking to a stranger as she asked what we we doing. and then called out to a guy walking past then there were four standing there talking about her patch it's history how they had been bombed during the war the rebuilding that happened. the change in the community over the years...

not the normal way I prepare but was privileged by the open  way she told her story... stories are important... listening to each others stories is special...  

I may never see that lady again, but her story is now part of me 

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