Friday, January 14, 2011

Home from Home

 Over the past two years I've spent nearly all my holiday time in a city that has become Home, The saying goes Home is where the Heart is.. Nothing can be truer for me at least as this place and some of the people has stolen mine.. Two years ago I went as part of my college course to do a placement in Finland. A Cliff  College MA student who lives there was to be my placement leader and someone who had become a great friend.. it very quickly it felt like home and has become home.  
I don't know what caught me about a place where I don't speak either of the languages Finnish or Swedish ( and the few words I do now know are not always that helpful and based mainly on words used by my friends to the dogs.) I think the pace of life maybe part of it, the air that is fresher. Maybe it's because there I can stop and just be.. Just a thought 
The city hit the headlines in the Uk recently as David Beckham had surgery there. 
It has to be one of the most beautiful places I've visited, walking along (or on when it's frozen) the river Aura watching the sunset. And down to a favourite place for coffee and Pulla away from home cafe art :).. oh and after a nice walk  (Though walking my friends dogs with her mother in law is always an adventure!!!! ) or after supper there's nothing better than a sauna :)

This year Turku is the Euroopan Kulttuuripääkaupunki  (european capital of culture)..  the program is full and it's not just cultural things as you would expect that are happening.. theres something for everyone.. this weekend marks the opening in style wish I was able to go see..

There are one or two things that I really would like to go and see and maybe I'll get I'd love to hear Turku Philharmonic Orchestra  play again I had the privilege  to go to the independence day concert on december 6th which was fabulous. A comment that made made smile during the speeches that day that Turku was the capital of Finland when Helsinki was still a small unheard of village.. 
So this isn't my normal type of post I know the thoughts were started by a message from Turku 2011 saying thank you for the hugh interest and they were sorry that the site kept crashing :) 
So if you thinking of a weekend away why not think about a trip to this years Euroopan Kulttuuripääkaupunki

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