Monday, January 24, 2011

Jesus junk

I'm not sure you can have Jesus and junk in a phrase like the title of the blog post today but sometimes with some of the junk that goes around in church circles that can be true. I'd have said that about plastic glow in the dark crosses yes you read that right they are what some of the youth are wearing.

but Jesus junk stopped me in my tracks this weekend while on a sleep over with the brownies. As one of the guides showed me theres she had promised to after a recent story she told me about it.

Over the last few months I've got to know a couple of the  guides and had some interesting conversations with them. And taken some a fair bit of stick in the form of jokes from them(but have given some back:)) They have taken to asking questions some of which they may not normally ask others they made that known a while back.

What I like is some of the seemingly silly stories they tell me, but have such meaning behind them. One of the stories was while one of the guides was babysitting. she didn't want to turn the light on so they wouldn't wake up the younger child they were watching but needed to get around the room. Not thinking she told me in full flow that she noticed that the plastic glow in the dark cross was giving enough light to see where she was going.

It really made me smile,


  1. sounds good

    Jesus junk reminded me of a glow-in-the-dark statue of Mary when I was a kid. I think if you wound it up too it played Ave Maria. Tacky? yep!

  2. Was a great opportunity to speak to the lass through it though..