Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Years Eve part 2

We were just in the middle of communion when the fireworks went up in London to mark 2011 not just a new year but a new decade..

Before the service I had been invited over to a new years whist party which when I got the invite I hadn't got a clue what it was to be honest I still don't really get it but had a wonderful hour there.. before heading down the road to prepare for the service..

one of the big jobs was trying to find a robe that fitted I felt like part of the three bears tale too small too big just right. 

so for those who have joked about it here it is 

The curate preached a short sermon but longer was not needed the one thing stuck out are we able to look at the person before us and see good in them to see past race or religion and see the creator God see His image in them... 

In my new years eve post I said that understanding and hearing and listing would be on my wish list to santa... 

if we are there listening and hearing the wishper of God we may just be surprised where we see His and and voice this coming year 


  1. Hmm

    look like a cross between the matrix and sister act

  2. John Wesley would be proud!

  3. Yeah it was great a great night.. really enjoyed it