Saturday, January 01, 2011

U.F.O's over vauxhall

In the summer I posted about strange things in the skies on a sunday afternoon.. well tonight a reoccurrence took place floating past was more balloons but this time they were captured...  and now float in my living-room :) a proud moment as the prey was caught and brought back :) reminded me of trying to catch the dandelion seeds in the summer as a child. What it must of looked like as I tried to catch the bunch that came my way I don't know but i know those who tried to get the smaller bunches that were flying by looked very silly too :). 

We can be far afraid of being free of being playful of being a child when as adults there are so many things that can hold us back.. I heard this story recently

one summer on a daddy daughter day a dad took his 7 year old daughter to disney land . She headed straight for Space Mountain.  The dad got worried that his little girl would get scared but she loved it 
To her delight, they rode it twice.
the following summer they went again, now eight, again dragged the dad to Space Mountain. standing in the line she read the warning signs and began to worry. and turned to her dad telling him she no longer wanted to go on the ride. confused the dad asked why she had changed her mind when last year she had enjoyed it so much her reason this year I can read...
Things get in the way, maybe it's what people will think, maybe its we can now read we all have those but what if's that run through our thoughts taking ourselves way to seriously ... 

last year I went with a friend to wales for a holiday, while she sat and read I flew a plastic kite like the ones i used to buy with pocket money on holiday as a child... and built a sandcastle. while building it people stopped by commenting on it, with the same feeling "I wish I could do that" or "its good to just let go some times and not be adults"my friend came down to tell me it was really time we got going again, commenting on the castle she pointed out the gates   and bridge over the moat.. kneeling with hands on hips my reply proudly defiant that is a portcullis. 

I wish I could do that we all can let go and be like children trusting and just being free, just being living in the moment not thinking what others may think.. I wonder if thats why during the 90's karaoke became so popular it was a type of permission to do the silly songs and entertain like many children still do...

God wants us to be who he created us to be, to use all the senses and enjoy life yes we all have responsibilities that we have to fulfil but to be to rest to play to be like a child and live in that moment to enjoy life and not worry what tomorrow will bring or what people may think.

so the next time you see a dandelion seed floating o the wind you have permission to catch it hold it and blow it onto the wind again. or go window shopping with a friend arm in arm.. 

and yes this goes for those of us who are in leadership too we too need to be able to let go and be... 

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  1. love the pic - love the story behind it even more!

    Ironically enough I wrote about how hard it is sometimes to breech the "I'm allowed to play" gap - and yet my experience is that sometimes even Father God - abba - plays hide 'n seek with us, because he wants us to enjoy the play and He too enjoys being found.